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It is almost impossible to imagine how the farm looked when we purchased it. There was a tiny, single file trail covered in blackberries that wound it's way through the property.


Once we got settled and the tractor arrived we discovered the true size of the orchard. Apples, pears, plums, and cherries were happily running amok on several acres. The blackberries were so tangled in the fruit trees we would choose one tree a week, and detangle it. To this day there are many tangled trees that uphold the naming origin of our Tangled Orchard Farm.


Brad and I have wanted to live on a farm since we met over 25 years ago. We took the long road to get here and that makes it even sweeter that we finally made it. We both thrive on the outdoor lifestyle and enjoy hard work in all types of weather. Who needs a gym, right?


Caring for the land, and the creatures on it really appeals to us. Everytime we walk out to the orchard and see new fruits, or come across a deer wandering in the woods it reaffirms we are in the right place. Interactng with the farm animals is totally entertaining. Have you ever given a chicken a birthday cake? Priceless!


I have been in love with horses since I was 3 years old and saw the Lipizzaner Stallions perform at the Lane County Fair Grounds. My mom had no idea what she started by taking me to that show.


Fast forward 37 years and I bought my first horse, Sir Maximus. Yep, a half Lipizzaner. I also purchased a purebred Lipizzaner, Albus. Another beauty joined our herd, Ivy, a cremello quarter horse. While not a Lipi, she will be learning dressage and wearing black leather. It is just what we do around here.

It is a powerful feeling to know exactly where and how your food is produced.
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